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Penis broken. Please use finger. March 28, 2012 @ 10: 32 pm Filed by Victor Mair under Humor, Typography Except when the penis broken, in which case you'll just have to use your finger (or your sword, if you have one). I took this picture in West Seattle, WA last year. Did a Safeway Grocery Store really put this sign up at the cashier credit card machine or was it a joke? Pen or Penis is Broken Please Use Finger, Thanks!

Read about broken finger symptoms such as pain and swelling, and how to tell if a finger is broken. Diagnosis, treatment, and pictures are included. Medicine Net. com. NEWSLETTERS; Disease& Conditions. A Popsicle stick or pen may be placed next to the broken finger, and then wrap something around the stick and the finger to Pen is broken, use finger. Pen is broken, use finger. Kris Trappeniers.

Too Funny! This was a sign on a Safeway credit card machine to tell you that their pen is broken. Take a picture of a friend with their face against glass. Assign to phone contact. It'll look like they're trapped inside your phone! Mar 02, 2014  Pictures; Sexy; WTF; FB Posts; Texts; Movember; Meme Generator; Store; Share on.

Penis Broken Please Use Finger March 2, 2014 Posted in: Memes, Pics. PREV NEXT RAND. Pen is broken please use finger. Related posts: Doesnt Trust Internet Draws Own Meme Paranoid Parrot. pen is broken please use finger, penis broken please use ANDY!PEN IS BROKEN, PLEASE USE FINGER! THANKS Ellen found some more funny signs, including one that is too funny for her producer Andy to be able to a funny signs, pen is broken, use finger. February 5, 2013 Jon Leave a comment.

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