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Why I dropped LastPass for Enpass on Windows 10 and why you should too In comparing the Enpass Windows 10 app to iOS and Android as far as I can tell there Enpass android fingerprint full feature parity Enpass 6 Beta v. 58 for Android is now out!

This beta update brings a lot of improvements along with support for WebDAV and Samsung fingerprint APIs. For complete changelog, please check out: Easily access your password or PINs right from your Apple Watch or Android wear. Strong Encryption Enpass encrypts the data on Enpass is the best password manager for Android and Chromebook. It creates strong passwords and autofill your username, passwords and Credit card details while browsing. Enpass, a lesserknown but still popular password manager, has added initial support for fingerprint sensors in Android Marshmallow which at this point only pertains to the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

Unlocking of Enpass using Fingerprint for Android Enpass android fingerprint supported first time in Enpass version 4. 6 but was in a limited way where user need to provide master password after app is exited by you or killed by OS. Using the same Android Keystore and fingerprint API, we now support unlocking through Fingerprint every time, even if the App has been started fresh.

To distinguish this with fingerprint support of version 4. 6, we internally call this as Fulltime fingerprint support. LastPass vs 1Password vs Enpass: Which of these password managers is the best? you can access your Enpass account just by using your fingerprint on your phone. This is obviously going to be hello. I'm using Samsung galaxy 7 and Android 7. 0 I already resist my fingerprint on phone but enpass does not recognize fingerprint.

How to solve this problem? Before talking about autofill, there's one important modification in Enpass regarding fingerprint support. Previously, the app was able to unlock with a fingerprint, but only when it was already running in the background.

Enpass upgrades to version 5 with fulltime fingerprint support and autofill This feature takes advantage of improvements to the Android Keystore in Android 6.

0 Marshmallow, which does mean Jan 03, 2018 I'm having a bit of an issue with the above. Whenever I try to log in using my stored fingerprint, it tells me it recognises that it's my fingerprint, In Android 6.

0 Marshmallow, Google has added many features including Fingerprint support, permission control, improved performance, user interface and lot more.

In correspondence to this we have updated Enpass also to incorporate new features supporting fingerprint unlock with improvements in user interface.

Soon by end of this month we will update Enpass to remember unlocking by Fingerprint always using the Android keystore (introduced in Android 6. 0). Just stay connected with us as there is more to come on this.

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