Dvd player only black and white picture

Jul 31, 2016 If I hook up blue on the dvd player to green on the tv set I get a black and white picture only other wise I get the no signal message. I even went out and bought new cables to see if the old (left at the house) cable were no good. still no change. help, I only get black and white from my dvd player The DVD recorder can output its picture signals in 3 different forms, RGB, SVideo or Video.

The TV must be set to accept the signal in the same form (same signal type) or the picture may appear Black and White Why do I get a B& W picture from my DVD player on my I can only get to channel 3 I Solved I just bought a hisense tv and when I hook my DVD player up the picture is black and white how do I DVDs playing in black and white or without color may be the result of an issue with the disc, the connection, the DVD player or the TV.

A series of verification steps to troubleshoot will typically either solve the problem or pinpoint the issue. Playback display on a DVD player involves many I have an apex ad1010w dvd player and when I hook it up to my UN32J400DAF Samsung tv I with the red, white and yellow rca jacks I only get a black and white picture. I would appreciate any suggestion Dec 17, 2008 Just connected my dvd player (Pioneer XV DV55) to my new tv (Samsung LE37R87BD) and i only get black and white picture from the dvd, tv is fine, all the cablesleads are in same positions as with old tv, and i only have the dvd player and sky box connected.

Aug 28, 2012  DVD player showing movies in black and white, can someone help me? Reply to Thread. I then hooked up component from my DVD player and got a great picture, but I left the Svideo cable connected just for the heck of it. Have a Sanyo DWM 390 dvd player that shows only black and white. By blackkat in forum DVD& Bluray Players Jul 09, 2009 Only receiving blackwhite picture upon connecting a Sony DVD player to the TV.

Any ideas for color display? SamsungComponent cable showing only black and white picture. SamsungComponent Cable Showing Only Black And White Picture. Customer Question. I also tried a pair of black component cables and my DVD player picture and video game picture still shows a black and white picture.

When I turn the cable on it shows a color picture.

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