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I have a Samsung LN40A500T1FXZA lcd television that will produce bad picture and terrible screeching sound for about 13 seconds and tv will shut off and on again until optimal picture and sound are achieved, usually 3 times. May 03, 2013  Samsung lcd 40" tv with a serious colour issue.

Checked powersupply board for bad caps, checked cables were seated properly to Tcon board, still no luck. Factory reset did Mar 28, 2010 Hey Guys.

So I just got myself a new 40" Samsung LCD tv and want to plug it into my pc, so I'm able to watch blue ray movies in full HD on the big screen. Jun 03, 2010 I've written articles in the past explaining various TV technologies, including the differences between 720p and 1080p and 120Hz and 240Hz LCD TVs. But with Samsung, LG, Sony, and other Sep 28, 2015  Samsung LCD 32' (Model LA32S81BH) TV repair, For TV that has power and sound but the picture quality is really bad, when we turn on the TV it shows high brightness Weve had a 42 Samsung LCD TV for about 6 months now and today, We've had a 42" Samsung LCD TV for about 6 months now and today, when we woke up this morning, we found the TV had a black picture and was cycling on and off.

samsung lcd ln32a450c1d Very bright white screen with washed out negative picture This set has a very bright screen (white) The screen is washed out with a neg pic. Samsung's web site mentions a board that the SMD caps are shorting out to the frame. Free Repair Samsung TV Recall Samsung TV Free Repair, Reimbursement up to 450 or 300.

I have a 52" Samsung and the picture has been great and I love the TV. However it started not turning on but just a clicking sound. I have a 32 inch Samsung LCD TV. Today I turned it on and sparks and smoke shot out from behind and under the TV. A picture tube or CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) is the device that produces the colors for a TV using a vacuum tube and an electron gun, connected to a fluorescent screen. Over time these tubes can decay through heat, magnetism, and other factors.

Dec 15, 2009  In reply to: Poor picture performance of Samsung LCD TV cutyshrek, The picture you probably saw in the store was a digital HD signal connected with an HDMI cable, and while the television is capable of giving a great picture with HD signals, most (if not all) televisions will suffer a bit of picture quality when connected to a Sep 02, 2008  Bad picture with lcd and dish network? I just bought a 46 in. samsung lcd 1080p tv and when I hooked it up to the dish receiver the picture was really bad.

I was told that the picture would be the same quality as a tube tv if I Samsung has released dozens of LCD TVs, and the best place to start troubleshooting picture problems is with the user manual for your specific model.

Consider the following as a general guide to troubleshooting Samsung LCD TVs for picture issues. In the event of burnin from normal consumer use, Samsung Customer Service ( ) will either repair or replace at its option the 2018 QLED TV with a similar model. This guarantee requires valid serial number, valid picture proof of burnin, and product registration on Samsung.

com. Dec 18, 2006 Hi all, Just got a Samsung LE32R73DB LCD TV. Currently connected up via scart leads, to both the Sky digibox and the DVD recorder, (the DVD recorder Hi I have a 55 inch Samsung smart TV, I have backlights and sound 3 years old. in checking T Com board I find one fuse is bad on t con board can I bypass fuse to see if tv is ok, and then replace t con THANK YOU JOE If the picture on the Samsung LCD TV is dim, it may be the backlight has gone bad.

Although owners can perform the replacement, they should handle the parts with care because the backlight tubing may contain mercury vapor.

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