X-men wolverine workprint

Apr 28, 2009 Watch video Wolverine is a decent movie. It is worth the price of admission and the 2 hours of screen time. The movie works well as a prequel of the events of the XMen movies. However, to enjoy the movie, one must suspend knowledge of the comic book material. Apr 06, 2009 XMen Origins: Wolverine Leaked Workprint Incomplete CGI If our coverage of the reshoots of XMen Origins: Wolverine was enough to get us blacklisted from 20th Century Fox, I wonder whats going to happen to the guy that leaked a highquality workprint of the film online.

My guess: death squad. After the workprint of XMen Origins: Wolverine showed up online, Fox head Tom Rothman told Entertainment Weekly that the version that went out was about 10 minutes shorter and XMen Origins: Wolverine is the first film in the Wolverine trilogy and the fourth installment in the XMen film series overall.

Directed by Gavin Hood, it is a prequel set before the events of the first XMen film focusing on the character of Wolverine and his time with Team X, before and shortly after his skeleton was bonded with the However, those films were all relatively small compared to XMen Origins: Wolverine, a film which 20th Century Fox was probably betting on to help revive its recent lackluster box office performance.

Apr 12, 2009  Thanks to an industry contact who has to remain nameless, weve managed to get our hands on a copy of the much publicized Wolverine Workprint and boy do we have

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