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The Oracle DBA views encapsulate the most important Oracle metadata with details about tables, indexes, the SGA and the physical storage. The best way to use the DBA views is to get the DBA reference poster where the important DBA views It also has the new 10g AWR and ASH DBAHIST views that replace STATSPACK in Oracle10g.

UNISYS plans to give it away free at IOUG Live! And OracleWorld, but if you cannot attend these conferences you can order a copy and have it mailed directly to you. There are hundreds of views in the data dictionary.

To see the depth of the data dictionary views, here are the views that store data about Oracle tables: dbaalltables How to Find top 10 expensive sql's; Breadcrumb. Question and Answer. Thanks for the question, Akash. I can tell real time what is taking up most resources in the database or I can go back to history view. The SQL tuning and SQL Access advisor help tune some of the worse SQLs. I am new to Oracle 10g new features of using dbahist views.

This database dictionary DBA reference poster has the most important Oracle11g DBA views. It also contains the most important data columns with each Oracle DBA view so you can see the most important column values for your Oracle data dictionary query. : CREATE VIEW. Purpose. Use the CREATE VIEW statement to define a view, which is a logical table based on one or more tables or views. A view contains no data itself. Oracle Database does not enforce view constraints. For a full discussion of view constraints, including restrictions, please refer to" View Constraints".

Oracle Database Oracle 10g: DRSYS and XDB Tablespaces Required? In the 9. 2 database there are two tablespaces that I'm wondering if need to be exported and imported into the new 10g databaseXDB and DRSYS.

Oracle Posters Oracle Books Oracle Scripts Ion ExcelDB. Don Burleson Blog: Oracle DBA Views Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting. This is a list of the Oracle DBA views and I have tried to include definitions and examples of the use of the DBA view inside scripts: DBA2PCNEIGHBORS Oracle delivers the most complete, integrated, and secured database and datamanagement solution for any deployment.

Whether your business requires data to remain on premises, managed within your data center, or deployed in the cloud, Oracle provides you with access to the same enterprisescale database technology virtually anywhere. 11g interactive quick reference guide Oracle Free Oracle V Views Poster! No Oracle geek should be without one of these. If youve Oracle 10g dba views poster an Oracle DBA for long you know the horrors of navigating through Oracles data dictionary, the tables and views which contain all the metadata about your database.

Oracle 10g DBA Reference Poster: 8. 95: Materialized View Tuning API The new TUNEMVIEW API; I purchased this book to get a jumpstart on the new features of the latest Oracle database productand reading this bookthat is Oracle 10g dba views poster what I received. The book is organized into general topics about the new database product. May 22, 2006 Hello, Is there any body knows how to get Oracle data dictionary diagram poster?

Thanks! UNISYS and Rampant TechPress have commissioned a comprehensive Oracle10g Dictionary Reference poster. I participated in creating it, and it includes all the important DBA Views, keys, data columns, and data relationships.

DBALOCK. DBALOCK lists all locks or latches held in the database, and all outstanding requests for a lock or latch. How to get the start time and duration of the SQLqueries to the specified tables in the database (Oracle 10g)?

0 When I imported a tinyint column from SQL Server to Oracle 10g, why did I get negative values?

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